Saturday, June 06, 2009

My 11th Birthday, by Clifford

My human servant, er, caretaker Jen is a bit behind in her posts because she has been busy and has had a lot on her mind. So she neglected to post the big news in a timely manner, but I just turned 11 years young. June 2. Can you believe it?!? It seems yesterday I was coming off the racetrack as a young and wiley 3 year old, looking for a good home. And now I have a home with neurotic Jen and a cranky greyhound named Lucy, but don't worry, I keep them in line with my good looks and charm.

So let me tell you about my birthday.

First of all, I got some deli sandwiches, ham and roast beef! They were leftovers from Jen's college reunion and were going to be thrown out so she snagged them for me and Lucy. I got an extra half more than Lucy though, because I'm bigger AND because I'm the Birthday Boy.

I went to my Grandma's and helped her plant some flowers, since she is recovering from surgery. Look at me being so helpful. And Amos? NOT helpful.

And then I got to open presents. Grammy got me a big bag of Innova Evo Grain-Free treats (I'm allergic to wheat). I shared these with Lucy, of course, but only because Jen made me. Smile for the camera!!

Then Jen and I went to Lime Hollow Nature Center down near Cortland to hike, but guess what? We drove almost an hour to get there but they didn't allow dogs, even though her hiking book SAYS they did!!!! No dogs? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. They only allow humans. As if a 150-250 lb ape wandering the woods is more of a threat to wildlife than a dog on a leash? Rubbish. But the people were nice and showed us another hiking place nearby where we could go instead. I didn't care, but Jen was MAD.

The dogs-allowed hike was along a railroad bed, and then a snowmobile trail. There was a swamp where we saw juvenille Green herons. We usually see only Blue Herons. Not that I cared too much, but Jen got excited and took a ton of pictures with the camera.

I was more interested in laying in the mud pits along the swamp while she took pictures. It was cool and smelly. I never used to do this sort of thing but as I've gotten older, I've learned to take time to cool off.

This was just a short walk, and so we then drove up to Lake Como (south of Skaneateles Lake) to take a 45 minute loop hike at the Dorothy McIlroy Bird Sanctuary. I got to lead the way and explore the forests...
...and checked out LOTS of woodchuck holes.

Afterwards we stopped at a coffee & ice cream shop in Moravia on Cayuga Lake, and I got a cup of vanilla ice cream (Purity brand too! Yum!).... and I licked it ALL UP.

It was a long day, so when we came home I slept. And slept. And slept.

Look at my face. Isn't it the most handsome face you have ever seen? Don't you want to scratch my rabbit-fur soft ears and smooch my cheek? Of course you do, don't deny it. I really am the most handsome thing ever. Except for maybe Lucy.
So that is the story of my Eleventh Birthday.
The End.


alex said...

Happy Birthday Clifford. I am glad you had a greyt birthday and were appropriately spoiled!

Sarah said...

too funny, sounds like Cliff had a great day!!

Hiking Hounds said...

What a great birthday! You look like a young and wiley 11 year old!

greytlife said...

Yappy Barkday, Clifford!! ^..^

Yip Yip Rooooray for senior houndies!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

happy birthday cliffy!
what a fabulous celebration!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Clifford!

Life With Dogs said...

I am far behind, but belated birthday wishes! :)

IHateToast said...

happy birthday, sir.