Monday, June 22, 2009

Home, James...

Our wet camping trip is over! Time to go home. The pups were asleep before I even finished packing up the car. Camping is so much fun, but SO much work. The packing/unpacking. Keeping the campsite orderly. Wet and soggy EVERYTHING when it rains. The laundry afterwards. And Jen forgetting to bring her medications... oops. She will be paying for that for the next week. But otherwise? We had a grand ol' time. Two weeks, and we will be in the Allegheny Mountains of Penna! Woot.


gryphonkessira said...

Wow Jen, looks like an amazing trip (despite the rain!). I remember we had our own adventures with some ducks back in the day :-).

Jen said...

OMG, I know! I was telling my parents the duck story around the camp fire one night! We were re-living our early camping days. Man, I still cannot believe you caught a duck that one time (and, then, subsequently, were attacked by the flock! And yet you never let go of that duck, even when I was screaming bloody murder in fear, LOL!).