Monday, June 22, 2009

Hiking in the Rain and other Mysteries

This is what it looked like most of our camping trip... gray, drizzle, icky LOL. The forests were totally saturated with water. There are 2 8-9 mile hiking loops that originate from the Fish Creek/Rollins Pond Campground: The Floodwood Loop and the Otter Hollow Loop. These are pics from the Floodwood Loop I hiked a bit with Clifford.

I have to say, Clifford acted very strange most of the weekend. Usually he is a very confident dog, and wouldn't be afraid to go out for a walk in a Nuclear Winter... that's how passionate he is about his walks. And in the campground he WAS confident. But once we got out into the Loop, deep in the woods- he became very timid, afraid, and unsure. You might chalk this up to the miserable weather, but Cliff NEVER lets miserable weather bother him if a walk is involved. I have never seen him like this on any trails ever, and we have hiked hundreds of times since his adoption in 2002, and that includes many times in the Adirondacks.

As I recounted this to my friend Tracy, she suggested, "Maybe he smelled a bear and was nervous."

That could have been the case. Campers are all given bear warnings, and the recyclable and trash centers at the Campground are surrounded with electric bear fences to keep the roamers out. They certainly live in the area. BUT. Get this:

Our first night in the tent, something woke me up, I'd say around 3 AM. Something was walking back and forth in the (empty) campsite next to us. I could tell by the cadence of the sound that whatever it was was bipedal. Of course, the Dateline and 48 Hours fanatic in me automatically was like, "Serial killer! Serial Killer!" Lucy, at almost 13, is mostly deaf and wouldn't have heard a bomb go off under her nose. Clifford has the observation and reactive skills of a pet rock. So of course I lay there in fear, waiting for a knife to slice through the side of my tent and a hand reach in to grab me, no help from my trusty greyhounds.

The footsteps continued, roaming around next door. The curiosity was killing me.

Finally I grabbed my lantern and peeked out of the tent. The light didn't reflect any eyes, so I woke up ricketty Lucy and Clifford and made them go next door with me. The site was empty, and when we went back inside, the footsteps did not continue. The dogs seemed pissed that I had woken them up, and I was pissed that I didn't find out what it was. Wtf?

Of course, after the bipedal footsteps during the night, and then experiencing Clifford's fearfullness walking the Floodwood trail in the woods for the next 2 days... I deducted that there must be (don't laugh) an Eastern Sasquatch in the area. Really, there is no other explanation. Bears don't walk on 2 feet normally, and Clifford is not afraid in the woods. Bipedal footsteps + Scared Clifford= Bigfoot in the area. Maybe the smell of bears in the woods scared Cliff too, but why would bears be walking around on 2 feet, back and forth, around and around, in a campsite? They would walk on 4 feet and then go up on 2 feet to examine stuff.

And wouldn't you know it, when I was watching TV after getting home, there were several specials in a row on Animal Planet about Bigfoot. Is that a sign or what????

I find cryptozoology fascinating and seeing that we were in perfect sasquatch territory... it makes total sense. Of course I could be a total lunatic. But there is something fascinating about imagining a bigfoot roaming around in the Adirondacks, don't you think?


Bridget said...

OMG!! You got out of the tent?!? Have you never watched a horror movie. That is how people get eaten. LOL! If we were watching you, we would be screaming - DON'T GET OUT OF THE TENT - But just like the movies, you get out of the tent. LOL!

Carrie said...

That sounds just like me! "Serial Killer!". You are alot braver though, I would have just lain there, awake all night, waiting for the dawn to come. Ooo, I'm with you, I think you might have heard Bigfoot! LOL!!!