Monday, June 29, 2009

Erie Canal Walk

This morning we went back to the Erie Canal (have the day off from work) to find the Green Heron we saw there last week. It was a pretty hot morning, so we didn't get far. I made the mistake of bringing Lucy with us, which slowed us down significantly, but even so it was HOT and MUGGY. Yuck-o. We don't do well in the heat.

Even though we cut our walk down to almost nothing, we did see some cool stuff. A swimming muskrat:

A woodchuck in a tree (I would never have believed it if it weren't for Mel's post from a couple weeks ago!):

I googled it, and apparently woodchucks will climb trees to escape predators or eat tasty leaves/berries/bark? Bizarre.

Lots of beautiful wildflowers were out:

And my favorite critter from the walk... a gray catbird! He was quite interested in us and sang us a lovely song as I snapped away. Unfortunately most of my pictures focused on the leaves in front and not the bird, and therefore the bird came out blurry. This was the only good one. :o(

Despite the heat, Cliff had a good time. Lucy was SO happy and excited to get in the car and go for a ride, and was excited to START the walk, but her energy petered out really fast. Next time, she'll have to stay home I think.

Man, I am still LOL'ing about that woodchuck...


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