Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toe Minus Toenail

On Thursday I came home to blood EVERYWHERE... I mean, I walked in the house and the kitchen was floating in it. It was like my own personal version of Forensic Files. The victim was Clifford: Somehow he ripped out one of his nails... right out of the socket!!! It must have hurt like a son of a gun... I mean, his nail at the base is almost as wide as one of my fingers. Can you imagine the force it must have taken to rip that out??

I still can't figure out what happened, but thankfully Cliff has suffered no harm. Other than the toe being a little tender, he is acting like his usual loud, obnoxious self.


Sarah said...

omg (I can't believe I just typed that, I work with 13yr olds what can I say?) glad Cliff is o.k. ouch!

Marcina said...

I do not mean to alarm you. Check the rest of his nails. Do they look normal or are they hollow with the tops lifting up like car hoods? Are they split?

My greyhound has a common disease nicknamed SLO, Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy.

Perhaps he tore his nail when playing with the pug the other day. Hope this is a one time thing to deal with!

Carol said...

I am so please Cliff seems to have come to no harm through this bad experience, although as you say, it must have hurt like hell!
I have a tiger-brindle boy called Chico, who we got here in Spain as a 2 month old, although his parents were Irish racing dogs.

Jen said...

Thanks everyone. Cliff is doing great, although the paw is still sore.

Marcina- all the other toenails are intact and "normal" looking (and normal feeling). And all the blood in the house was fresh when I walked in, so I think he was excited to hear my car pull in the driveway and somehow tore the nail out as he was scrambling to get to the front door.

PWSMommy said...

This JUST happened with my grey yesterday. It stopped bleeding, then tonight it is bleeding again after going out for her before bedtime pee. I haven't found the nail, but it's clearly missing. She walks normally on the foot but it has to hurt! Did you wrap his foot at all?


Jen said...

Nope... didn't wrap it at all. I soaked the toe and "patted" it until it stopped bleeding (which took forever). It did bleed on and off for the next few days.

Now, a few months later, Cliff has a tiny "baby toenail" growing back on the toe... really cute. I wonder if it will one day grow to be normal size?