Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunshine & Dandylions- First 3 Reductions!

It has been a crazy week. Did I mention before that this is the busiest time of the year at my 9-5 job? Oye vey, staying late to get things done, preparing for the largest event of the year (alum reunion, plus it is MY reunion), not getting home till 7 or so every night. The dogs are being patient with me. Cliff has been on "bed rest" the past week, resting his foot (the one he tore the nail out of last week) as it has been very tender. Lucy sleeps and sunbathes in the yard, fitting for a 12 year old sun-worshipper. They've allowed me to get a few reductions of my newest woodcut done, in between working, sleeping, and pampering them LOL.

Here is the first color printed, a mixture of yellow ochre, titanium white and Perfection Palette Process Yellow (from Graphic Chemical). Sorry the color is off a bit in these pieces. I took the pictures late in the day, usually around 8 or 8:30 when the sun was going down or already down:

I then carved away a bit more to outline my sun. It's still a yellow ochre/PPP Yellow mix, but more yellow ochre. I love that Lucy's white face is starting to peep out of the color!!!

And here is the third reduction, where I carved away everything I wanted to stay yellow, and then printed with a mixture of PPP Yellow, a bit of titanium white and GC Block Print Green. The color is off a bit in this photo (I actually printed on bright white Stonehenge paper, and in the pic it is ice blue -sigh) but the green came out a bit darker than I had thought it would. I wanted it more spring-y. Oh well. Maybe I will try to put in highlights? It's so hard to print light-on-dark though.

I hope to get another reduction done this week, but once reunion starts Thursday, I will be at work from 7 am-11 pm through next week. We'll see. I'm sooo hoping I don't ruin this one...



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