Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunshine & Dandy Lions- Woodcut

The sketch for my next woodcut. This bugger has been such a PITA and I have re-worked the composition a gazillion times! I'm still working on my coot woodcut, but wanted to start a greyhound... and with the beautiful spring weather here, I am inspired to do a greyhound sunbathing in the yard. Lucy has been my most excellent model for the piece of course- she is the ultimate sun lizard. :o)

I have especially been --mindful-- of two things when planning this piece:
  1. I want it to be fun.
  2. I wonder how other people who draw greyhounds, and landscapes, deal with the "leash issue?" (If you don't have greyhounds, just an FYI that greyhounds cannot be off-lead and most adoption groups require you to sign a contract stating you will NEVER let the dog off leash for the safety of the dog)... so in this case I feel guilty about doing this sketch... should I add a leash in there somewhere?? A fence to show she's in a fenced yard? I mean, I know this probably sounds really funny and/or stupid to non-greyhound people, but I feel strange and GUILTY drawing a greyhound loose because a greyhound off-leash is such a loose cannon- they are sighthounds, taught to chase what moves and ignore distractions (i.e. the race crowds OR a frantically shouting owner- they sound the same lol). I feel like I am endangering the dog in my picture and violating some leash contract. Encouraging off-leashedness, being reckless-! Lord have mercy-!!!! I think, for the sake of my own over-active conscience and paranoia about Lucy In the Picture, I will have to add a fence in there somewhere.
Anyway, after working THAT design glitch out, I hope to transfer to a block and get carving asap... maybe not tonight though. It is gorgeous and I am going to the college stable after work to pick up horse manure. The garden is calling!!!



Amie Roman said...

I love the design as is; I think if you title it something implying the perfect dream of greyhound-hood, which really, this image just seems to cry, then I think you'll meet your requirement of responsibilities :)

OK - now for the stupid, non-greyhound-owning question; why? Why must they always be on a lead?

alex said...

2 thumbs up on the design (from a fellow greyhound owner). I love Amie's suggestion of giving it the title of a "dream day"! The fence could simply be out of sight - being that the hound is up on a hill/ grassy knoll. And I do not see a road nearby so I do not think your pictured "Lucy" is in any danger. I have been known to photochop leashes out of pictures, just to make them more aesthetically pleasing- never thought about it from that point of view before. Guess I have to stop doing that, huh? :-)