Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday with Lucy- Hoopes Park

Saturday is, of course, our hiking day. After Dad came with his rider mower to do my lawn (my lawn mower broke! Thanks for coming Dad!!), Lucy and I skipped over to Hoopes Park on the east side of Auburn. This is our old neighborhood- I used to rent an apartment in that area- so it was nice to go back and reminisce a bit. The trees were all flowering and the petals were all over the grass... great for pictures! :)

I just loved the look of Lucy against the fallen petals.... so pretty.
The center of Hoopes Park is a beautiful man-made pond, usually occupied by mallard ducks. This time, I noticed about 6 male ducks and one female swarming around the "overflow" area... where the pond water runs down, down a steep chute and rushes under the street. They were all quacking loudly and I could tell something was going on.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the Mama Duck's brood had all been swept over the dam and were perched precariously on the edge, ready to be swept down the steep chute and under the street. I was panicking for those poor ducklings. They kept jumping at the edge, trying to get over to the main pond, quacking piteously. I have to admit, I considered putting Lucy in a down-stay, taking off her leash, belting myself to the fence with her leash (so I wouldn't be swept over) and balancing over the lip to save the ducklings. I really considered it. But I was too scared to remove Lucy's leash and too scared of scaring the ducklings and sending them plunging over the abyss, under the street. So instead, I just stood on the edge and watched, prayed for those poor things.

Happy Ending: All the ducklings eventually jumped the lip and made it into the main pond!! YEAH. A few were swept back onto the edge, but were able to get back over.

... and, happily, the complete family moves away from the trecherous drainage area! Phew!!

It was a beautiful amble (despite the emotional trauma of watching the duck emergency) and Lucy enjoyed it! So did I, of course. You can't beat a sunny, beautiful day at the park, can you?


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