Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday with Cliff- Hike at Owasco Flats

After my outing with Lucy, I packed Clifford in the Scion and we headed to the south end of Owasco Lake to walk the Owasco Flats trail outside the village of Moravia. The flats are a marshy area along the end of the lake, and I can only imagine the birding here is fantastic. In fact, I KNOW it is I saw, to my astonishment, a kingfisher! Awesome.

The parking area is right along Route 38, and the trail was amazing. Bugs didn't bother me too much until the last leg of the journey. It was so GREEN and LUSH- of course, this was swamp land along Owasco Creek and through the Flats... really spectacular.

We did get muddy feet. And paws. The trail was very wet.

Can you find the snake in the picture above?? So quick... one minute I was taking his picture, and the next minute he was gone.

Clifford also found the Largest Hole in the county. He was very much interested in it and I wondered briefly if it was home to a little bear? I don't think there are bears in the area, though. And it was pretty close to the river. Maybe a groundhog on steroids? LOL.

The creek was brown, but placid and beautiful.
The trail wound alongside the creek for the first half of the hike, and I have to admit, the nature was beautiful but the humans fishing along the creek gave me odd vibes. Every bubba in the area was out fishing and stared - STARED- at us when we walked by. It was rather disarming. It was like we had two heads, or one eye, or purple skin or something! I said hello to everyone but many didn't say anything back (creepy, can't you return a 'hello'?). They just stared at us. I'm glad I had Clifford with me, or else I would have totally wigged.

Well anyway... not only were we rewarded with spectacular views of the Flats, but we had some great views from the tail end of the lake. This pic is looking north. Just beautiful. I wish I could have captured the stench of rotting fish heads nearby so you could share it with me (there was a huge pile of them... yuck). The smell was the only thing that ruined the view!
Clifford seemed to enjoy the hike, which was great. And besides the creepy looks from most of the fishermen, I did too. We got back to the car just before a huge rainstorm swept in. Perfect!
After exploring this trail, I think it is something Lucy would be able to handle- just a little over a mile, flat, with lots of spots to dip in water to cool off. We will definitely go back soon.


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