Monday, May 04, 2009

Saturday- Visit with Sarah & College Friends!

Yay! After our hike at Danby State Forest, Cliff and I completed the rest of our trip south deep into Tioga County. Sarah was home for her Grandma's 85th B-day (go Grandma Z!!) and it was soooo good to see her! And not only her, but a few other folks including Mel, who I haven't seen in a few years. Mel taught summer camp with Sarah during college breaks so I got to meet her a few times during our Wells days and once at Sarah's after graduation...anyway... she has an Etsy store so check it out! Mel brought one of her bags with her and it was just beautiful. She is an honorary Wells Girl for sure! :o)

Sarah's Grandma has planted tulips for many years, and the field behind her house is COVERED in them. It was truly an amazing sight to see. Photo below is Jodi (who went to high school with Sarah and then Wells with us!) and Sarah. Jodi was an Art major so I saw a lot of her in the studio during our college days... she now teaches art...

And yes, Cliff behaved himself great-for the most part.* There were five dogs at the party, including a couple Shih-Tzu Anklebiter types who found him oddly fascinating. I'm not a small dog person, but they were really cute... like little fuzzy pugs. And I can't resist a smooshy pug face for sure- furry or not! :o)

Ginger, the beagle, belongs to Sarah's Grandma and the border collie mix, Dakota, belongs to her aunt. They were all off-leash and stayed within the property conpound, enjoying the party freely. Cliff was the only dog on a leash and one person asked me, at one point, if he was a "bad dog!" I must have looked confused because they pointed at my leash. I explained that Greyhounds were unreliable off leash and that, on adoption, I had signed a contract to keep him leashed or in a fenced yard (for his safety). I did feel bad, though. Poor Cliff... all those dogs, racing around the party having fun... and he had to stay tethered to me like a bird in a cage. I compensated by giving him some noodle cassarole (I didn't realize it had tuna in it until I took it, so I couldn't eat it) and we had some nice walks in the tulip field which he enjoyed. Of course, our pre-hike at the state forest had tired him out too, so after a couple hours of that, and then 'hanging out' at Sarah's, he wasn't caring about much any more (a tired dog is a happy dog, yes?).

Sarah is coming back to New York this summer and it'll be great to see her again... the visit was way too short. It was funny, but seeing Mel with a child, and hearing Sarah talk about teaching seventh graders in California... kind of made me feel like such an ... adult?? Holy Shit... We were adults! Grown-ups! How the hell did THAT happen? Just yesterday were were goofing around in the dorm rooms pulling pranks on each other and doing mixed tapes pretending to be "Delilah After Dark." And now, almost exactly Ten Years Later.... Bam. We were adults. With Real Lives. With Jobs and Responsibilities. Wow.

Parting shots of Grandma Z's tulips. See you again soon, Sarah!!


*As we mosey'ed around the party and under the tents, I could see Cliff scoping out the food... it flowed plenty... and it smelled delish. :o) At one point I wasn't paying attention and he snaked his head out helped himself to a little girl's ham, apparently stealing a piece right out of her paws. I was so embarrassed!! Thankfully the little girl and her dad had a sense of humor. I apologized profusely, complemented the girl on her matching dress and sunglasses, and beat a hasty retreat... man oh man.


Sarah said...

it was awesome to see you! looking forward to seeing you again soon. everyone was quite fascinated with Cliff, including all those other dogs!
by the way they are daffodils, good thing flowers don't have ears :) looking forward to seeing you soon. I will have to do the Danby hike with you this time, I can't believe I have never been there!!!

Jen said...

Why the heck do I keep calling them tulips?? Oye vey.