Monday, May 04, 2009

Saturday- Danby State Forest

So after our stop at Baker's Acres Cliff and I headed south, eventually making it through Ithaca and vicinity (OMG, what a nightmare traffic jam on that arterial heading through the city! Ack!)--and to the small 'burb of Danby. Every year I went to visit Sarah I always drove by a sign for Danby State Forest and had a yearning to visit, so this was the place Cliff and I decided to hike. It was a great choice! We did part of the Abbott Loop per "Take A Hike: Family Walks in NY's Finger Lakes Region" by Rich and Sue Freeman (fabulous book, BTW! A must if you hike in Central NY!).
My usual view behind Cliff. What is that saying? "If you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes?" Well yes, the scenery does always change but Clifford's rump is always in it LOL. ;o)

View from Bald Hill. The picture doesn't do it justice!!

We heard many songbirds and look what I found! So both of my Sarah friends from college were enviro science majors, right? Sarah C. (who I was going to visit) is now a science teacher in California, and the other Sarah, Sarah H, is a naturalist at an Audubon Center in Western NY. I always love looking at Sarah H's photos on Flickr- she is such a great photographer and LOVES wildlife!--and this made me think of her. I was looking at rocks in the forest and... lo and behold... I pick up a rock and look what I find! A newt! It made me think of Sarah H's photos and how she always looks under rocks for snakes and other herps. Sarah would have picked this salamander up for sure... I was not that brave! A quick snap of the camera before I put the rock down and we moved on.

Wedged the camera in a tree and put it on self-timer for an obligatory picture of us on the trail...

Next... our visit with Sarah!!

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