Monday, May 04, 2009

Saturday- Baker's Acres

Saturday was a busy, busy day for us! It was the day I was going to visit my great college bud, Sarah, on her visit to New York! I haven't seen her since last year so I was sooo excited. I decided that Cliff would make the drive with me since it was 60 miles each way, and why not take advantage of some new hiking trails while we were in Tioga County? I never get down that way, except to see Sarah.

Unfortunately Lucy couldn't go. Most importantly, it was Sarah's Grandma's 85th birthday and she was having 120 people (plus their dogs!) there.... Lucy would have totally been overwhelmed by the dogs. And since I wanted to hike at a forest down south of Ithaca... she wouldn't be able to keep up.

So first of all, Lucy and I went for a nice walk and then she got a private drive with me to Wegmans, where I picked up cookies for the Party and also a cuppa mocha latte (mmm, Wegs has nice coffee!). Lucy seemed to enjoy the drive and got some cookies in the car. ;o)

Then I loaded Cliff and his Ex Pen in the Scion, and we started on our journey south.

First stop: Baker's Acres, a huge greenhouse in Lansing. I couldn't resist, and spent WAY too much money. Got some nice plants for my front garden as well as veggies!!

Cliff with the loot. He is not happy to be stuck in back with rattling plant pots.

My veggie garden isn't ready yet but at least I have the plants! Tomatoes (I tried a tomato for the first time last year and liked it!!), Bell Peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Kale (the super veggie!!) and broccoli. The non-veggies were 2 varieties of hosta, I'll have to find those name sticks somewhere.

Next post... our hike at Danby State Forest.

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