Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friday at Emerson Park

Some pics from our Friday stroll at Emerson Park in Auburn. Dogs technically aren't allowed from May-October, but we Stuck It To The Man and went anyway. I hate canine discrimination.

So does Lucy, can't you tell?

We saw a pair of snow geese!

... and the trees were blooming with flowers. So pretty.

It was windy and overcast, but nice to be out. The park is about a mile and a half from my house- close enough to walk with Cliff, but that type of hike round-trip is too much for Lucy now. So we drove, parked, and walked. Probably our last trip down until Fall.



Sarah said...

why aren't dogs allowed in the summer? it is so pretty, it is amazing how looking at your pictures of Auburn make it look so beautiful! LOL! just kidding, kind of....:)

Jen said...

Auburn gets a bad rap! It really isn't that bad of a town, all things considered. :o)