Monday, May 04, 2009

CCC Nature Trail

On Friday, the pups and I visited one of our local haunts- a great nature trail that winds behind the local community college. It's such a great trail because it's right in the middle of the city (well, if you can call Auburn a "city")- and you always see such great wildlife. Deer, mallards, turtles (red eared sliders?), songbirds, and the occassional heron- nice!

And you always, ALWAYS see poison ivy. Always. This time of the year it is still young, but it is still there-! Unfortunately I'm already nursing a rash on my foot from my hike last week with Clifford- oh well. Come summer, come poison ivy rash.

Beautiful white flowers. All the trees are flowering!

Well, not all. The scraggly crab apple orchards are late bloomers, apparently. I love the way their branches form the most haunted corridors-

Young ferns, just uncurling...

And our two wildlife sightings. Can you find the deer in the picture below?

And a lone male Mallard duck, of whom Clifford did a great impression.

It is interesting to see how the dogs' reaction to wildlife has changed over the years. They hardly notice animals at all nowadays unless they run right out in front of us (at the Nature Trail 2 weeks ago, the little deer herd almost ran us over as they dashed across the trail!). I don't know if this is because it bores them (I hope) or that, in their older ages, they can't see them as well as they used to (I suspect this is the case). Lucy used to be especially observant and she always focused on wildlife before I did-now I can barely get her to notice it when I point her in the right direction.

Anyway... cute sniff:

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