Monday, May 11, 2009

Camping on the Brain...

I am so excited for camping season! The dogs and I usually do a couple trips per summer, but since my workplace is making us take mandatory unpaid furlough this summer, I will be having 3 day weekends through mid-August... Kind of sucks to lose the $$ in my paycheck but maybe a blessing in disguise to have more time to relax? Garden? Hang with the dogs? Do more art? Camp??

Right now I have my parent's 3-person tent for camping. It fits me, Lucy and Cliff very snuggly! I am going to upgrade to a 5-6 person, I think, so we can sleep comfortably plus keep our gear in the tent. I am looking at a Coleman- my Dad says they are good tents. The one above is a 6 person and isn't it a pretty green? They sell at Wally World for about $80.

Next step is to get a roof rack for the Scion, so I can carry our camping supplies better. Right now they have to be piled on the front seat and in back crunched between the dogs. I am really thinking about adopting a third dog this summer though, so supplies can no longer be back there. I am going to talk to the dealer where I bought my Scion this Saturday but I've been looking at other options too. This is a cool Thule rack with basket (no, that's not my Scion. I WISH my Scion was bright yellow!!! Alas, I have a boring black one)- maybe I can just order a roof rack and install it myself?? Am I that talented?? I dunno.
I have some of our trips planned out. At the end of June, I am going to go up to the NW Lakes district of the Adirondack Mountains on a camping trip with my parents. Over July Fourth, the pups and I are going to the Allegheny National Forest region of Pennsylvania on a camping trip with Sarah, Carol, Carolyn, and some other college buddies I haven't seen in ages!! At the end of July, we're going to be vending at Grapehounds so I think we will camp at Sampson State Park on Seneca Lake. I used to camp there a lot when I showed dogs, because they had a 4-day circuit show there every September, so I know it is a fabulous park.
Somewhere in that time span, I'd love to get up to the Thousand Islands (I haven't camped at Wellsely Island since I was a kid!) and do another Adirondack trip- either up to Cranberry Lake (a part of the part of the mountains I have never explored) or to the Indian/Piseco Lake area (haven't been there in a gazillion ages! Plus it is right inside the park... not too far of a drive).
Camping will be- unusual- this year because of Lucy's special needs. Usually the dogs and I walk the campground in the morning, have breakfast, hike local trails in the late morning, come home for lunch and a nap, hike trails all afternoon afternoon, come home, hang out a bit and have dinner, then walk the campgrounds again. We do a LOT of walking and hiking! Lucy won't be able to do even half that much considering her age and arthritis. That's okay; we'll work it out.
I'm getting really excited....! Now, if we can just make it to June without hanging ourselves (May is the busiest, worst, craziest, most insane month at work)... everything will be fine. :o)

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Iowa Greyhound said...

3 Day weekends, nice! So jealous!

You might want to look at a Eureka tent. It's what the boy scouts and army uses. Just a little more money, and very very high quality. I switched after the coleman left us cold and wet one summer night.