Sunday, May 17, 2009

And the Weekend

Overall, a crummy weekend. Clifford's paw is really, really sore from ripping out his toenail, so no hike and even going around the block is rather painful for him (he still wants to go- on three legs- but I feel bad). I went to Beaver Lake in Baldwinsville by myself for a walk- no dogs allowed there anyway- but hiking by yourself is no fun!! On Saturday, I was horrified to discover that I had a packed Etsy order in my work bag- I thought I had mailed it like a week ago~!!!! I feel AWFUL. Rushed to the post office and then had to send an apologetic "I'm a forgetful asshole please don't hate me" email to the buyer (God, I can be SUCH an airhead sometimes-!!!). I messed up my coot woodcut (see post below)- 3 weeks of work (should I just give up on printmaking? I feel like such a loser). My house is a disaster, got NO housework done. I hate living in a pigsty.
I am dreading the next 2 weeks at work. Commencement coming up Memorial Day weekend (so I have to work) and then Reunion weekend, which my department coordinates. It is going to be soooo busy. So stressful. So much PRESSURE. Jen doesn't like stress. Jen doesn't like pressure. Jen crumbles under pressure. Crumbles like a stale cookie.
And on top of it all, all of my shows are ending for the season. Survivor finale is on right now. Sniff.
Anyway, thanks for letting me rant.

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