Wednesday, May 06, 2009

American Coots- Woodcut- 1st and 2nd Reductions

A few weeks ago I mentioned my newest woodcut idea- a cover (flock) of American Coots, which are a member of the rail family (not ducks, I learned!). I loved seeing them at the Montezuma Nat Wildlife Refuge last month, and couldn't to make a print out of them. I posted my initial sketches awhile ago, and here is the block (MDF) with the first reduction carved out:

I have never carved water before- I don't think I have ever even drawn or painted it- maybe in high school ages ago? It will be interesting to see how it turns out...

First color going down is a very, very light tint of yellow ochre. Can't see it well in the photo, I'm afraid...

After inking, I lay the block on a piece of Lotka paper and roll it through my little printing press. Then comes the suprise... pulling up the paper off the block and seeing how it came out!

And here they are... an initial edition of 12 (we'll see how many I lose)... hanging up to dry.

After this, I spend another few evenings carving away more of my block. The parts I carve away will remain this light yellow ochre color. The parts that stay will end up my next color, a light grey....

... then I roll the block with a loaded brayer, lay the block on the paper (lining it up with my light ochre reduction), and run it through the press... viola! Didn't lose any prints on this reduction either so I still have 12...

I am REALLY liking this Lama Li Lokta paper (I'm using the color "Natural" which is an off-white color). It is flecked with little pieces of stems and leaves from plants, but none of the plant pieces are large enough to interfere with the design of my print. The only thing I DON'T like is that the paper came in uneven rectangles... no right angles at all! Cutting it was a nightmare! I guess this is the downside of handmade paper? Lot of work getting cut.
I'm currently working on a third reduction... can't decide if this will be the final or not. We'll see I guess!

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
oh my gosh! i LOVE it! you are so talented!
:) m