Monday, April 13, 2009

An Unorganized Update

This is a silly, tide-you-over post. Photos will come tonight!


I finished stage 1 of my downstairs bedroom renovation!
  • Pulled down all the fake wood panelling
  • pulled down all the wood braces that held up the wood panelling
  • Assessed damage: Okay, I see why they put up wood panelling- not only was it the style back then, but the walls and some window trim were pretty damaged. Gulp. Got the plaster-repair stuff and went to work.
  • Cleaned up the mold that was growing on one of the walls below a window (ick)- looks like it may have suffered some damage before new windows were put in
  • Plastered up all the holes & chips from the bracing nails
  • Sanded.
  • Painted the walls "Dusty Petals", a gray violet color, and the trim a bright white. I used "Kilz" paint to kill any mold that may have been left behind after I washed the area.

So that is Phase 1 of renovation. Phase 2 will be tearing up the carpet and putting in a new floor (or painting the old wooden floor underneath... I think there is a wooden floor under there). Phase 3 will involve the ceiling- I tried painting it, but the paint was chipping off, so I guess it needs- I dunno. It needs something.

This first stage of the renovation was bad. My house was a disaster, with all the bedroom stuff piled in the middle of the bedroom and overflowing into my art studio which overflowed through the entire downstairs. MESSY. Now I admit... I am not a Clean Freak. There are plenty of dog hairs, dust, muddy pawprints on the floor, dog boogers on the windows and woodchips all over the art studio floor that seem to never go away, even after vacuuming, dusting, mopping. etc. I have a lot of "stuff" -rocks- tchotchkes- dog toys- they are constantly all over. But I do respect myself and my home enough to keep things in SOME state of cleanliness and order, and after awhile a Messy House makes me rather... angsty. I constantly worry about "pop in's" from my parents (will they think I am a slob and disresepctful of the house?) and another thing: What if I leave the house a mess and drive off to get groceries, or go to work... and I die in a car crash? The cops go to my house and they find it a pigsty, they are going to think I was White Trash or something. So I do try to keep things orderly but it doesn't always work out that way. I bought a little porcelein sign last month that sums things up wonderfully:

"Creative Minds are Seldom Tidy."

So I am allowed to be non-tidy, but NOT messy. That was hard while renovations occurred...

Dog Update:

On the dog front, one of Clifford's canine teeth (fangs) turned pink last week. I found out (confirmed at the vet, which made me feel smart) that it is pulpal inflammation (pulpitis) caused by blunt trauma to the tooth. He is on a course of dental antibiotics (clindamycin) but the next step is up in the air. The vet recommends a root canal or removal of the fang. He won't do it though, because greyhound muzzles are so long, the bones so fragile and canine tooth roots are so long, and he "doesn't want to be the one responsible for breaking your dog's face." (Yes, he did say that!). He recommended a specialist that can do a root canal ($4500) or extraction ($1000-2000). I am worried because Cliff will be 11 and I don't want to put him under without necessity, but I don't want any infected bacteria to spread throughout his body and cause toxemia or anything either. I don't want him to be uncomfortable or in pain, and I am willing to spend any money I have (or don't have) to keep him happy, because he is my Favorite Boy Ever, but pulling a long-rooted canine seems so... painful and invasive. ARG. I am torn on what to do. If anyone has dealt with an older dog having pulpitis or needing a canine removed or root canal, I would love to hear your thoughts...

Art Update:

After not doing art for awhile, and not even THINKING about art for a week or so... I feel rejuvinated!!! I even have a new woodcut series budding in my head and am thinking about mixing printmaking with Altered Books. There is currently an art exhibit at our college gallery about Altered Books, and it blew me away. Very cool.

And Life in General:

I have been feeling very burned out about... Everything. Especially God, Life, Work, and Art. I was able to chat with some family yesterday at Easter and I feel so much better about everything. My mom's cousin and my aunts are so spiritual and inspiring to me, and I was so grateful to have a chance to talk to them and know I'm not alone feeling tired and depressed sometimes (or all the time!).

More later, with photos too. Lunch break is over and back to work for me...



Iowa Greyhound said...

That tooth problems sounds scary. I hope it just gets better on its own! Poor guy!

$4500, did I read that right?

Carrie said...

Wow, you've been busy! I'm going to be doing some redecorating, but not to that extent!

I love the sign, I need one for my house. Between 2 kids, 3 dogs, art stuff, and school stuff, it gets a little cluttered! LOL!

And we all get burned out..more often than we like to admit, most of the time. You are never all alone in that. It's good that you have someone to talk to!