Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Hike

After visiting for a few hours with Mom and Dad, Clifford and I took to the back fields for a walk. I was hoping to see a coyote, since Dad had seen one in back last week. Unfortunately we didn't see any coyotes but we saw 3 separate herds of deer, a flock of wild turkeys, a single turkey, and heard lots of songbirds.

I was excited to find this track. An opossum? Raccoon? It was in the way back fields, near a stand of hardwoods that my Malamute Nelson and I used to visit all the time growing up.

It was wierd hiking the back fields with Clifford- places I used to hike every day after high school with Nelson- it made me a bit sad and nostalgic. And I felt a bit... not guilty, but like I was back there with Cliff when I should have been back there with Nellie instead. That was NEL'S walk area, not Cliff's. Which was strange, because Nellie died in 2002. I'm sure he was with us in spirit, but it made me think of him... and I felt a bit sad.

This is what we call the "horse shoe" field... way in back of my parents' place... if you can enlarge the picture, you can see a herd of whitetail deer in the upper right of the field fleeing from us. Cliff never even noticed... some sighthound LOL!

We were able to cross into a field that used to be for heifers when I was growing up (it looks abandoned now)-- I really had to look to find a place where I could get Cliff under the barbed wire fence. Nelson was always willing to bushwack go through the woods and go under fences... it isn't the same with greyhounds! And Cliff is a GUNG HO hiker... but he did NOT want to bushwack. And getting him under the barbed wire fence without ripping his back to shreds took some doing. But we did it and were blessed with some beautiful views from the high cow fields.

We even found a nice large cow pond and Cliff enjoyed a dip to cool off. It was a VERY hot afternoon and I waded in, too, just to cool off my feet. If you enlarge the photo, you can see three black dots in that back field... wild turkeys.

Trees were starting to bloom and flower, birds were singing, and all the deer and turkey we (well, *I*) saw... just a fantastic afternoon!!!

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