Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Northern Flicker Sketches

This morning our yard was visited by 3 Northern Flickers! I have never seen these birds in our area before, much less in the city. Of course, I have never been much of a birdwatcher... but I seem to be taking an interest in it lately! Other than squirrels, birds are the most populous wildlife we see around here.

I quickly grabbed my camera, threw on the telephoto lense and began shooting out the kitchen window. I wonder if I got any good, clear pics? We'll see. After I took about 30 photos, I put the camera down and ran for my sketchbook. Sorry to say, my eyes are horrible (even with glasses!) and it was hard to see the Flickers well enough to sketch. And they were quick little buggers too, hopping here and there, looking for bugs to eat. As soon as I started to sketch one, he would hop and move into a totally new position! Ah well, such is the bane of anyone trying to draw a live animal, I guess.
It is always so exciting to see a new species-!
In other wildlife news, my parents report the coyotes have come back to the fields behind their house! They had been exterminated by hunters, but thankfully have made a comeback. I think Clifford, myself, the sketchbook and camera will have to go on a Coyote Hunting Expedition one of these weekends. I would DIE to see a coyote in real life!!!! I used to hear them howling all the time growing up, and would track them with my camera throughout the winter... but never saw anything except pawprints in the snow. Twice I have seen coyotes while driving to work, but that doesn't really count. I want a real coyote experience. Or fox. I would love to see a fox too....

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Amie Roman said...

These are lovely field sketches; you'll find birds come more easily with practice. I'm not very good, but when I do sketch them from the field regularly, they get easier to do. I really like these! You've definitely captured "flicker".