Monday, April 13, 2009

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge - 4/4/09- Part 5

A muskrat! Holy cow. They resemble raccoon-sized rats. I have never seen one before.

I think these were Northern Shovelers. Another species of bird I have NEVER seen before!

I think this was a Ring-Necked Duck or possibly a Lesser Scaup. But his head shape makes me think the former, not the later.... it's really amazing. I usually only see Mallard ducks. Occassionally, in the Adirondacks, I hear a Common Loon. Seeing all of these "exotic" ducks... so close to home... was such a treat! I think I am becoming a birder!!

A Great Blue Heron, skimming over the marsh...

A Killdeer. She hopped alongside my car for a bit but moved so fast I couldn't get a clear photo. This one, of her flying off, was the best....

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Amie Roman said...

Yup - Ring-necked duck. We get them here, but not often, so that for me would be a really cool sighting, too. You can tell it's a ring-necked because of that white band behind the black tip on its bill, and the crescent of white bordering the black where the neck meets the body, at the front of the body (hope that makes sense!!), and the little tiny strip of white at the base of the bill (but not often easy to see - perfectly visible in your photo). Very nice!!