Monday, April 13, 2009

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge -4/4/09- Part 2

More pictures from our trip to Montezuma...

I'm not sure what this singing fellow is. A Song Sparrow?A female Red-Winged Blackbird?

More Canadian Geese along the Main Pool. They weren't shy at all, and very photogenic!

I think a Ring-Billed Gull...

I have no idea what this duck is??? The only thing similar is a Black Scoter, but the Black Scoter in my bird book has a bright yellow bill.

... and more beautiful Canadian Geese. :o)

It's funny, Cliff spent most of the time we crawled along the drive with his head out the window, but he didn't seem to give much of a hoot about the birds so close to our car. He was constantly scanning the horizon, probably looking for other dogs to fence-fight with LOL. Lucy slept most of the time... birds aren't her thing, I guess. :o)

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Amie Roman said...

Yup, most likely a Song Sparrow. If it's singing, it's almost always a male bird, so that eliminates the female red-wing possibility. Again, nice photos! BTW - the questionable one is still a coot.