Friday, April 24, 2009

Greyhound Playdate!

Today was absolutely beautiful... warm (low 70's), sunshine, and bright blue skies. It was even nice at the office today- we had a "Campus Clean Up" day as part of Earth Day/Arbor Day celebrations and several of us staff members cleaned up some campus gardens (you may or may not know, but I also contribute to our office blog- here's some photos from our work!)

After work, I was psyched that my friend Renee and Rich, along with their greyhound Mercedes, came to visit. They also brought along their new puppy Morgan.

Morgan came up from Tennessee and was billed as a Greyhound mix. She is 7-8 months old now, and the vet say she will only be about 20 lbs. full grown. Her face is rather dauchsundy.... what do you think? Any ideas? My guess is dachsund/whippet- although how many whippets have "oops" litters with other breeds, they aren't that common!

Cliff was very patient with Morgan, and Morgan was very respectful of Cliff.

Lucy definitely didn't like Morgan! She would rather spend time snuggling with her Auntie Renee...

There wasn't much running or playing, but lots of sniffing. Morgan had a lot of fun exploring the yard, while Cliff and Mercedes mosey'ed around...

... and the one shot I have of all dogs together. Cliff, in the corner of the yard, dumping. Lucy following Mercedes as she ambled towards Potty Corner. Morgan, excitedly sniffing Mr. Mucus (one of Cliff's favorite stuffies).

It's always fun to have playdates! It gives the dogs a chance to socialize and stretch their legs if they are in the mood.
Tomorrow I am spending the day in NYC with my friend Kelly. SO EXCITED! We are going to hit art galleries in the Chelsea Area. Can't wait to see some art-!!!!!

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