Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finished Portrait!

The portrait of Bakely is finally finished! I forgot to post it (and thankfully I have it on file here at work, and thankfully I'm taking a very late lunch break, and thankfully it is a very delicious lunch of leftover Little Ceasar's pizza and a chocolate chip ice cream cookie! Healthy, yes?).
Paper size- 8x10", done in Oil Pastel with a touch of charcoal.
Renee came and picked it up last week, and was so excited about how it came out, so that makes ME excited. Can't wait to hear what her sis in Madagascar thinks!
I have been a bit remiss posting art-related stuff lately... my blog has gotten pretty heavy with greyhound and hiking posts which I love, but I'll definitely be posting more about art, creating, printmaking, sketching, etc. too!! I'm happy my creativity muse is back, and I'm working on 3 different woodcuts plus I have another pet portrait to do- a pit bull mix named Robin. Last night I organized all of my printmaking paper- Lotka, Hosho, Kitakata, Mulberry, Canson, Stonehenge, Hanji- can't wait to use it. Press room should get cleaned tonight and then I'm good to go. :o)

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Sarah Regan Snavely said...

Beautiful portrait, Jen. Always admire your sensitive use of line.