Monday, April 20, 2009

Carpenter Falls- New Hope, NY

After our abortive hike at the Jug Trail, the Pups and I drove up Appletree Road to a parking area near Upper Carpenter Falls. Here was another part of the Bahar Nature Preserve, and a 2 mile (well, .9 down and back) path snuck through the forest along the falls and river. I parked in the shade and left Lucy in the car (she was heartbroken, but if she was tired from attempting the Jug Trail, she certainly wouldn't be able to do 2 miles along the falls!). Cliff and I hopped out to do the trail- we might as well see it- I still had calories to burn and Cliff still had hyper energy to use up!

I'm so glad we stopped to do this trail. There were several different Falls- the Upper falls was best viewable, and the middle and lower falls were partially blocked with trees- but boy, what a beautiful and peaceful path.

The trees along the path were spindly and ghost-gray... very ethereal. Bright blue sky, and you heard the roaring river the whole hike. The trail ended at a point high above the Lower Falls... couldn't see them that well (even with the bare trees) but the little bit you could see... wow. I could have sat there watching and listening forever. Unfortunately I was hiking with Mr. Impatient so after a few minutes of Zen, we got up, turned around and went back to the car.

I highly recomment this hike if you happen to be in the Skaneateles area!


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