Monday, April 20, 2009

Bahar Nature Preserve- New Hope, NY

Saturday was beautiful! The pups and I drove out to New Hope (a little hamlet 15 miles south of Skaneateles) for a hike at the Bahar Nature Preserve. We'd never been there before but passed it many times on our way to Bear Swamp.

Bahar is perched on the southwest end of Skaneateles Lake. There is a small waterfront owned by the preserve and a beautiful forest. Lucy enjoyed the lake much more than the trail. The parking area is up a seasonal road (see top photo)--you need to park and walk all the way down the winding road to the bottom, where the lake and trail begin. By the time we got to the bottom of the hill, Lucy was done for and needed a little dip in the lake to refresh herself.

Ducks on the lake! I actually saw a pair of duck-looking birds which I thought resembled Mergansers but they flew away before I could get my telephoto lense on the camera. These were another pair that were braver than the Mergansers and stuck around... if my bird book is right, the white and black one seems to be a male "Bufflehead." Could the darker one be a female Bufflehead? Can't tell. My telephoto lense really needs a tripod or else things come out blurry. I tried to brace my hand but obviously... didn't work too well.

We started up the "Old Jug Trail" at Bahar, but didn't get far because Lucy was really lagging. I always tell myself this and then ignore myself, but I'm really going to have to start leaving her behind on our hikes. I thought this would be a short and easy hike but it was too much for her (too hilly)... it just breaks my heart. She loves to go but clearly cannot do the distance... we ended up having to turn around prematurely because I was worried about her. She's 12 1/2 now and just can't do what she used to do, even though she wants to. It makes it hard. I feel guilty leaving her behind and guilty bringing her along. :o(
I guess that is the downside of getting old.
I like this picture of Cliff on the trail... he is camoflauge. :o)

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