Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crochet and Knit

Well, I've completed my first two bears (or tail-less gerbils, depending how you look at them) for The Mother Bear Project and have one "skin" in the works. They are all from the same pattern, but... what the heck happened? My "Matt Roloff" bear on the right was my first knitting project, and my "Andre the Giant" bear on the left is my first crochet project (just finished tonight!!). How could they turn out so... different? And how come both bears have such uneven arms? In fact, they could almost pass as goiters instead of arms.
Hopefully the little kids in Africa who get these bears won't laugh too hard. I really did try! And making them was so much fun even if they are kind of lopsided and look possessed.
I find crochetting much more "fun" to do than knitting (even though it took me almost 2 weeks of practicing EVERY NIGHT to master the stupid single crochet stitch... arg!) but knitting stitches, especially the stockingnette stitch, feels so much "smoother" in your hands than the single crochet stitch. The scs is kind of bumpy. Maybe I will try different yarn. Right now I am using the Red Heart acrylic stuff.
I think I may try a pocketbook next, and then go back to making more bear-gerbils.


IHateToast said...

goiter schmoiter.

they're lovely.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!

oh they are fabulous! i love them!

i am so glad you are enjoying both the crochet and the knitting!


Kelly said...

YOU are a true jen of all trades. Sorry for the joke. They are adorable and that is a really good thing to do. Good for you.