Tuesday, February 03, 2009

XC Skiing at Bear Swamp

Sunday hit 35 degrees~! I thought it would be perfect weather to go x-c skiing with Clifford. We were going to go to Dryden and ski at Hammond Hill State Forest, but the Dryden area has for years given me a really bad vibe so I decided not to go there. Instead we went back to Bear Swamp State Forest in Sempronius.

Skiing was not that good. The snow was kind of heavy and wet and kept clumping at the bottom of my skiis. It made that "gliding" motion that you are supposed to do really hard!

The landscape was beautiful. With the exception of melting snow that kept dropping on me from the trees above, and a few falls (including one that ground snow inside my camera, I had to take it apart when I got home to dry it out!)- we had a nice trip.

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