Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Special Delivery!

There is nothing more exciting than coming home to a package on the doorstoop... especially if it is a package of art stuff! :o)

The Lama Li Lhotka paper I ordered from Dick Blick arrived... woo hoo! The colors surprised me a bit. They looked much more... pastel-y.... on the website. I guess the color settings on my monitor must be off. In real life, they are very rich and vibrant. I love the tiny, tiny plant fibers embedded in the pulp- not enough to compete with a woodcut, but enough to give the paper character. I can't wait to use it!
I have to give Dick Blick kudos, too. I am VERY finicky when it comes to the condition of my printmaking paper. Any wrinkles, bumped edges, cracks... I don't like that at all! And it's very hard to find sheet paper that isn't wrinkled or cracked in some way. Or a corner isn't wrinkled up. I hate that. My Lama Li paper arrived in superb condition... flat, no cracks, no wrinkles. Thank you DB!

Compulsory shot of the pups after work today. Mid 2o's with a bit of a stiff wind- too cold for walkies. They got a tuna fish dinner to compensate for the lack of a neighborhood stroll.

Next package on the docket to arrive is my Hosho, Kitaka and Mulberry paper from Graphic Chemical. Tomorrow maybe?


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