Friday, February 20, 2009

First Ladies- First Proof

Here is the first proof of "First Ladies." Most definitely the background needs to be cleaned up a little, but I think it is basically done!

I went on a spending spree (thanks, credit card!) and bought a crapload of Asian papers to experiment with. From Dick Blick I got Lami Li Lokta from Nepal (in Lagoon blue, Spring green, Natural and Sunshine) and from Graphic Chemical I bought Kitakata (light green), Mulberry (white) and Hosho (white). I'm thinking this print will look great on one of the colorful Lami Li papers!



Amie Roman said...

AWWWW!!! That is just barfing rainbows cuteness (cute overload ref)! Can't wait to see the final prints - are you going to leave this one as an open edition or limited?

Sarah said...

oh I am just too excited! We had them out again today because it was beautiful, and the most hilarious part is when Loki gets all excited and starts running around the garden and the chickens cute!

Amie Roman said...

PS - I love kitakata, especially that gorgeous pale green; hope you enjoy!