Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do You Twitter?

Last week, for work, I went to a seminar on social networking. Of course there are several social networking avenues I'm familiar with -Blogger, Facebook, Wordpress- and others I wasn't as familiar with - Twitter, LinkedIn. Some I had never heard of, like Yelp. Others were more video-gamish- World of Warcraft, Second Life.

Anyway, I decided to sign up for Twitter to give it a try and have been having fun with it. Twitter is what they call "micro-blogging" - one sentence blog posts. It was easy to embed my "tweets" right on my blog- they are under my info on the right. It's kind of fun to just type out my random thoughts without the pressure of having to write a real coherant and pictured blog post. :o)

Anyway... that's all the poop that's fit to scoop today.



Sarah said...

My dear (nerdy and proud of it) husband plays World of Warcraft, he is such a dork.(of course I am not much better in the dorkness category!) He is always trying to get me to play with is a bit scary to me. Plus I have no time.....
anyway, funny that they talked about it in a social networking seminar!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
how fun! i am following your tweets. :)
my twitter page is
:) melissa