Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Business End of Art Making...

I am spending my lunch break at work eating bad a really REALLY bad Thai TV dinner and trying to get all my art accounting - expenses/income/sales taxes I paid over the year/etc - together in order to visit the accountant. I am simply wretched at this. I wait until the end of the year (read: when I can't wait any longer for my tax refund) and then scramble like a madwoman trying to get everything together. My OWN personal taxes are fine- all the paperwork I need comes in the mail. It's the "Jennifer Zalewski Fine Art" part that kicked my butt last year and is in the process of kicking it again this year. There is so much to get together: The pile of receipts for art materials I've bought over the past year (read: spent 2 hours last weekend looking on all the shelves, the mail bin, my purse, my "to-file-pile" for receipts, they are all over the freaking house!), dug up the receipts from my Etsy sales (read: some are already printed out and in my binder but the rest I am printing from Etsy right now and trying to fill in the gaps because I apparently can't keep up on the simplest bookkeeping), etc. etc. etc. There's adding and summarizing to be done (cue the violins), state tax forms that I filled out, sent in and have copies of somewhere-? I cannot keep all this straight!

The sad part of this is that one of my minors in college was "business management" and I got really good grades in all but one of those classes, and the one bad class I can totally attribute to Senior Slacking Disorder, not difficulty or inability to understand the concepts. I guess applying Book Learnin' to Real Life can be sometimes tougher than thought.


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