Sunday, February 22, 2009

...And the Cottontail Rabbit Goes Down in a Ball of Flames

I've been going gangbusters this week with my woodcuts. Things have been GREAT. Creativity pumping. Three different pieces going at once, and all progressing smoothly! Then, of course, reality hits and I f*ck things up. Excuse the french, I'm still feeling a bit perturbed over this-!

I was so happy with my Eastern cottontail print. It took FOREVER to carve all the snow shadows and brambles, but I did it.

I loved the way the first reduction came out. The shadows on the snow looked awesome!

Second reduction... okay. Things still coming together. The gray is workable. One more reduction... getting closer... how exciting-!

And then last night I do the last reduction and... Everything goes to hell! What the in the world happened? It just came out horrible. I was so mad at myself I could have drank a whole can of turpentine. I mean, I was just FUMING. I worked on this P.O.S. for a week! A WEEK. How things can go from so good to so bad so fast??

Of course with the f*ck-up of this print comes a whole emotional breakdown. I think I ground my front teeth down a millimeter or so last night, just sitting there staring at horror at this final print, stewing and grinding my jaws. A rabbit in the brambles, how stupid! My art is so vapid and boring! It has no VISION! I have no talent! I can't pick colors worth a damn! Everything comes out wrong! I might as well just give up art once and for all!
After a good nights sleep I am feeling a bit better but still mad I messed this up so... badly.

I hate it when prints go wrong. Hate it, hate it, hate it.
I don't know if I have the heart to start this sucker all over again... :o(


Amie Roman said...

Honestly, Jen, I think you're being hyper-critical. Put the edition away for a month or two (or more). Don't look at it. Don't think about it. Don't try to redo it. Then bring it out and be honestly critical, rather than being upset about it not being exactly what you wanted from what was in your brain.

What I see is a lovely print. Your composition is intriguing and keeps the viewer's interest. The use of colours is delicate and subtle, and truly compliments the subject matter. Your mark-making and representation of the subjects are skilled and sophisticated.

Now, I can't read your brain, so I don't know how far this has strayed from the "truth". But no one else does either.

Put one up on Etsy and see what happens... ;)

Jen said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Amie. You're right... I'll put it away for a month or so and see how it looks then.


Xan's Art said...

I agree with Amie!
Just catching up on your blog a bit today and saw this. If you just can't stand to look at it, and need to get it out of your studio, you can always just send it to me! :D I like the quiet, subtle feel to this. I can imagine it hanging over my desk, and looking up to let some of that quiet solitude soak into my brain.