Sunday, January 25, 2009

XC-Skiing at the Erie Canal today. We went from Weedsport to Port Byron, which, according to the map I found online, was about 2 1/2 miles each way. It was fun, although I fell twice- once flat on my back (and I had my camera strapped to my back- thankfully I didn't crush it!)- and once when trying to carefully cross a road and Cliff yanked me over. Sigh. Otherwise-we had a nice time. :) It was beautiful out, and we saw four other XC Skiiers on the trail while we were out. A few obnoxious snowmobilers... they didn't slow very much when they passed us- one machine was driven by a kid who didn't look older than a third grader. Is that legal??

Lucy stayed at Mom and Dad's while Cliff and I were out. She was a very good girl (as usual) but of course had to wear her muzzle because we don't trust her around the Pugs. She really, really hates them and gets very upset whenever they come near her- curling her lips up so high that they almost cover her ears- snarling like a rabid cujo. They give her a wide berth and have never done anything to upset her... I think it is just their high-energy ya-ya's that make her uneasy.

Utter pugalicious-ness. Benny, Amos and "Red Duck"... aren't they adorable?
We are tired. My neck is sore from falling. I can't believe it is back to work tomorrow.... why do the weekends go so fast?


Maria Peters said...

Your photos are beautiful, yet again. We had a lure coursing trial here in Atlanta, high temp,, my question do you uncurl your frozen fingers from those poles and press the button???

Have a greyt wk.

runswithdog said...

Bah humbug.