Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh Yes, Happy New Year....

I'm alive! I'm alive!

I think I have officially coasted out of my creative slump. Not so much as a creative slump but a creative... funk. It's hard because I totally fall apart under pressure and I not only had a goal to enter a woodcut in ASATDS this month but I also signed up for a very difficult (for me) SELF- PORTRAIT CHALLENGE at WetCanvas (if you enjoy any sort of creativity... check out the discussion forums at WC... painting, printmaking, glass blowing, drawing, etc... they have everything- it is a wonderful site!!). So the ASATDS deadline blew by, and I came up with a great idea for my Self-Portrait that didn't involve a head-and-shoulders literal portrait of my fat cheeked, ugly mug which would have been repulsive. I registered for a Beginners Nontoxic Etching class (etching involves carving zinc or copper plates, instead of wood blocks which I do now) and all of a sudden.... AAAAAaaaaaaaaaahh! (That is angelic singing)... the Creative Funk is gone because all that... Pressure... is gone. I am a free woman again!

How do I avoid these Oh-My-God-Too-Much-Pressure-I'm-Totally-Having-A-Breakdown-I-Can't-Ever-Do-Anything-Creative-Ever-Again episodes?? I am GOING to have deadlines (shows coming up, competition entries to fill out). I want to increase my competitions this year too so how do I buck through these panic modes while trying to expand my visibility as an artist? I am going to have to work on that. Maybe I need to take a class on Meditation lol.

Anyway, did everyone make resolutions for this year? I did. It took awhile. I know some people don't like making resolutions but I find having some goals for the year very fulfilling. Here are my art goals for this year:

1- Take a workshop (etching class in February)

2- Use the drypoint tools and plexi I got last fall (and have been too chicken to try)- also try Plate Lithography- both of these methods involves using the blankets I bought for my press... oye. I have never used Press blankets before!!! It scares me a bit!

3- Enter at least 3 shows this year: State Fair art show, State Fair wildlife art show, and Made in NY, a show held at the local art center.

4- Develop my style. I don't want my pictures to be just... boring run-of-the-mill pet portrait-y type prints. :o( How do I keep my prints fresh and exciting?

5- Update my website once a month, blog at least once a week. And keep my Etsy store popping.

6- Have at least 3 prints by the end of the year that I am satisfied with- that I LOVE- to enter in the 2010 ASATDS competition.

7- Begin working on 2 different portfolios- one of local Finger Lakes scenery and wildlife prints, and one of my greyhound prints- perhaps I can think about having a show at the local art center one day?? (hoo boy-!)

2009 is starting to look a bit better than it did a week ago. :o)

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