Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, Monday

Took the day off from work today. No, not playing hookey... I actually had some "maintenance" dr. appointments so it was pretty legit. After my appointments I decided it was Dog Time (okay seriously, what time ISN'T dog time around here??) and planned some outings. Lucy and I would go to Petco and spend her Christmas gift card from my parents (her "grandparents"), and then Cliff (who also has a gift card, but that can wait...) and I would go cross-country skiing. :o)

Lucy got a nice stash of treats from Petco. Of course, she will have to share them with Clifford. She made quite a splash with the employees, especially wearing her sparkly red "Spoiled" shirt, which we bought at our first Dewey Beach gathering back in 2001.

How the heck do I open this thing???

The day was again "mild" (mid 20's) so I grabbed the skiis and Cliff, packed the car and drove to the Auburn-Fleming Trail, a 2 mile path on the other side of the city. Unfortunately when I tried to park in the small parking space, the Scion got stuck in the snow because the lot wasn't plowed (what was I thinking, trying to park there??). Literally, I was half in the parking lot, half in the road, tires spinning, stuck like a pig. Nothing I could do would get me out of the snow- good Lord. Thankfully after a few minutes of me standing on the side of the road looking forlornly at every car that passed by, a local delivery truck stopped and two gentlemen-bless their hearts- pushed my car out.

Not to be outdone, I carefully parked on the road BESIDE the parking lot, prayed we wouldn't be sideswiped, strapped on the skiis, unloaded Cliff, and we began our trek!

The path was well-groomed from snowmobiles, so I was able to ski pretty fast. I didn't fall once!! Cliff, again, was phenomenal- it is like he has been a X-Country Ski Greyhound all his life! Some pics from the trail:

The trail was 2 miles each way, and for the first time since I discovered it, we did the WHOLE thing- from trailhead to trailhead- 4 miles. My thighs are killing me (still developing those muscles) but Cliff, the machine that he is, barely slowed through the whole thing. He will be 11 in June!!!!

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