Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

WTF, taking wolves off the Endangered Species List? Are you serious? Please tell me this is a joke.




alex said...

In all fairness, it was the Bush administration that tried to push through the change in grey wolves' endangered status. Actually Obama has has ordered a review of all Bush's regulatory changes, and there is a good possibility that Obama's Interior Department will retain the endangered classification. I am not an Obama supporter per se, but I thought that these facts might help put your mind at ease.

Jen said...

Oh yes, I know it was the Bush Administration behind it... I'm just hoping (beyond all hope, *sigh*) that our new president will do something about it!


Sarah said...

hey Jen
OF COURSE you can use my chicken/bunny playdate pics for a woodcut! I would LOVE it. I will email you more if you want, we took a whole bunch of them, in attempt to get some good ones....