Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bridget, Trace, Cosmo and Malcolm


On Friday (or was it Thursday? My vacation days are all screwed up now) Tracy and Bridget, along with Trace's two boys Cosmo and Malcolm, came to visit. It was so fun! Trace brought along some of her knitting and gave me some pointers. We had Chinese food (lots and lots and lots of bean curd...mmmmm....) and wine. Clifford hasn't been feeling good and they were even sweet enough to accompany him on a vet visit with me, because the only time the vet could squeeze me in was during their visit. It's great to have dog-minded friends!

Mal, Lucy and Clifford enjoyed mostly lounging, although Cliff and Mal did go out in the yard a bit. Cosmo, aka The White Wonder, spent about 10 minutes zooming around the yard as fast as he could with Cliff's stuffed rooster. Big drifts of snow, be darned! He just plowed through them. Cliff would have loved to race him if he was feeling better but he has been really lethargic and uninterested in everything the past few days- totally not himself- so Cosmo had the racetrack to himself. I swear, Cosmo had the biggest smile on his face the whole time! :o) Some of my best pics from the zooming:



And finally, a moment's rest:

Trace is a runner and Cosmo enjoys accompanying her quite a bit, except on her longest runs. He logs about 20 miles-per-week with her and is as solid as a rock!!
Cliff has not been feeling well at all, and turns out he has an infected tail (I accidentally slammed it in my aunt's storm door...owweeeee. Talk about guilt. The skin ripped up both sides of the tail, 2 inches on one side and about 3 inches on the other, and although I've been fastidious in keeping it clean, it still somehow got infected *sniff*). His urine was dark orange (turns out from having a Deramaxx- I gave it to him after his run with Mercedes) and he has "biliruben" and has not been his usual self. He's getting antibiotics for the tail and apparently, from what I've found out, male greyhounds normally have moderate levels of biliruben in their urine so it doesn't mean liver disease, so I'm not as freaked out as I was a few hours ago!

After a few days of being on medicine, eating a "bland diet" of rice and chicken soup- Cliff is almost back to new- barking, throwing toys around, and being a PITA. It is a relief!
P.S.- Sorry if the photos come out wierd, I am trying to use my Flickr account more, and upload the photos from Flickr instead of my computer. It is giving me a headache LOL.


alex said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Cosmo, he must be a lot of fun to watch zooming around the yard!
I hope Cliff is feeling better very soon.

Geng said...

I'm glad to hear that Cliff is doing better. However, I noticed that you mentioned that he wasn't himself and that he was on deramaxx. Maybe you already know this, but just in case you don't, deramaxx is much like the drug Rimadyl. Just be sure you don't keep him on it too long as it may have side effects. You may want to review the side effects of Rimadyl just so you know what to look for in case he is suffering from any side effects.

Side effects of Rimadyl

But since he's slowly returning to his normal self, that is definitely a good thing.

G. Daddi

All my tomorrows said...

I think the photos look fine. That Cosmo is a beaut. White doggies rule. (aside:Hey, Cosmo's Mom, BTW, why do we never hear from you on YOUR blog anymore? pout).

Glad Cliff is feeling better!

Also, your bear looks like it is going to be cute. I wish I could knit but my carpal tunnel acts up too much for me to enjoy it. Your artistic talents abound!