Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Break for a Meme...

Sarah sent me this "Meme" through Facebook. I posted it on my Facebook page but I'm also posting it here. It was kind of fun! Anyone else who reads my blog want to give it a try? It's called "25 Random Things About Me" ...all you have to do is think of 25 random things about yourself and post it to your blog. :o) Here goes the Jen edition....

25 Random Things About Me

1. With the exception of 3 years in New York City after college, I have never lived anywhere but Upstate NY (Chittenango, Canastota, Weedsport, Aurora, and now Auburn)

2. I live in terror of seeing/hearing anything supernatural (ghosts, spirits, demons...omg. Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.)

3. I am a huge Chicken Shit.

4. I am fiercely independent and the idea of having a spouse and/or kids makes my toes curl in a bad, bad way.

5. I used to be petrified of hospitals until I became addicted to "Guiding Light" in college (some scenes in Guiding Light took place in hospitals). Watching these scenes in GL somehow acclimated me to the emergency room and took the fear out of it. Man, I was so, so lame.

6. For years I had nightmares about drowning, am still scared of swimming in deep water, and yet all three of my names have water references (Jennifer=white wave, Lynn=waterfall, Zalewski= people that live by a bay or floodplain). I wonder if this is a premonition that I will die a watery death?

7. Speaking of Lynn, my middle name, I almost misspelled it on my High School Diploma. Thankfully a school administrator caught my mistake (how embarrassing!)

8. I really want to get tattoos of all my dogs across my back, and up and down my arms. And a nose ring.

9. I used to show dogs: 4-H obedience, and then AKC conformation (Nelson, my malamute, had about 7 points towards his Ch. title) and Junior showmanship (I was ranked in the top 5 Malamute Jr. Handlers in the U.S. by the Alaskan Malamute Club of America for every year I showed- huzzah! Maybe I should have become a professional handler?)

10. I still have a small undercurrent in my body that would love to show dogs, but I have HUGE moral and ethical problems with the AKC so I refuse to do so.

11. My dogs are too incorrigible to show anyways. This is because I spoiled them too much and they totally took advantage of me.

12. Not a day goes by that I don't feel incredibly lost.

13. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder why I was even born?

14. Not a day goes by that I don't have overwhelming feelings that life is just too hard.

15. Hmm, this is getting really depressing.

16. I am a Feminist. Rush would certainly call me a Femi-nazi.

17. I think Sharon Osbourne or Judge Judy would be awesome presidents.

18. I'm seriously thinking of going back to school to get my Master's of Library Science because I LOVE books and libraries. However, I HATE student loans.

19. People often talk about how they never forgot the day JFK was shot, or they never forgot the day that MLK was assassinated, or they never forgot the day the Challenger blew up. I never forgot the day John Denver died in that plane crash.

20. Speaking of... A job I would never, ever, ever want, not for all the money in the world: Airplane Pilot or Stewardess, Yeah, read the cockpit voice recorder transcripts at and you can see why.

21. I think of Sarah Anne Wood almost every week and wonder where she is.

22. The idea that aliens could possibly exist, and potentially steal humans for medical experiments during the night, totally wigs me out.

23. I am absolutely fascinated & horrified by cannibalism, serial killers, cult leaders, sociopaths- if I wasn't such a Chicken Shit, I might have gotten into forensics detective work or something.

24. I hate cooking and baking with a passion, but love watching cooking competitions on Food Network.

25. I piece of trivia I learned when I went to Poland in 2002: My last name really should be Zalewska, because I am a woman. Men in my family should be Zalewski. As a unit, we would be called the Zalewsky family. Unfortunately the jamokes at Ellis Island bastardized us so I will forever have a man's last name. Gosh, did they do ANYTHING right down there?


The Constant C said...

1. why in the name of heaven would you read plane crash transcripts? THAT totally wigs me out.

2. on cannibals: I totally agree. I say if you plane crashes in the Andes, die with dignity having never gnawed on a teammate.

alex said...

I love your #24- I am the same way! I love watching Top Chef and the Food Network, but in a way it is similar to watching a traffic accident. It is hard not to look, but I sure would not want to be involved!